Best Sleep App

Best Sleep App


With a click of the Rest Button, you will fall asleep to soothing affirmations and prayers of gratitude in our amazing sleep app.
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Our postive affirmations app also acts as a motivational alarm clock, that will wake you with affirmations and music that grow in intensity until it's time to get out of bed.
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By setting and achieving simple daily goals, you develop healthy and positive habits that allow you to grow in confidence to achieve bigger goals.

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Rest Rise Grow -
Positively the best
alarm clock ever.

The inspiring alarm clock feature mimics the sunrise while playing inspirational music, prayers of gratitude and motivational affirmations. Every aspect of the app is
designed to help you have a more positive and fufilling life.

Please view this demo of the best sleep app you will ever need. Not only is it great for sleep, but helps Create a more positive attitude and helps achieve goals.

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Rest Rise Grow is a free app. Using it for as little as 30 days can improve your mood.

Positive Affirmations app

Enjoy positive Affirmations every evening as you drift off to sleep peacefully to amazing and relaxing music and week every morning to positive affirmations played along with inspiring music and soothing sound effects

Positive Affermations App
Best alarm clock app

How it works

  • In the evening, when you click the Rest button, you will hear soothing affirmations and prayers of gratitude while soft music plays. The app will dim slowly to mimic the sunset to help you fall asleep.
  • In the morning, with the app left open from last night, it will wake you with affirmations and music that grow in intensity until it’s time to get out of bed. The phone’s brightness will slowly increase to mimic a sunrise.
  • The app will send you gentle reminders so that you can rest and rise at consistent times to improve your overall health and well-being.
  • When you begin to rest better, you will rise in a more positive mood.
  • Soon, your whole outlook will be better. You will be ready to set goals and grow.
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Here are some examples of how our app works. Rest Rise Grow is more than just a sleep app, a motivational app, an alarm clock. It is an app that helps you grow.

What are you waiting for?

You can improve your mood and your thoughts. The Rest Rise Grow App can help. Download today free on the Apple App Store.

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